Cantando la Vida

Singing Alive ~ Costa Rica

A sharing and teaching gathering of sacred song circles


Whole Event with Camping

3 days and 4 nights with camping


3 Days and 3 Nights

Friday - Sunday ~ 3 days and 3 nights with camping


3 Days and 2 Nights

Friday - Sunday ~ 3 Days and 2 Nights Camping


2 Days and 2 Nights

Saturday and Sunday ~ 2 Days and 2 Nights Camping


2 Days and 1 Night

Saturday and Sun ~ 2 Days and 1 Night Camping


2 Days, No Sleepover

Saturday and Sunday ~ 2 Days, Not Sleeping Over


1 Day and 1 Night

Sunday or another 1 Day and 1 Night Camping. Please explain which day if not Sunday, in the comments box.


1 Day

Sunday or another 1 Day. Please explain in comments box.

Total: $0.00

Rentals (while supplies last)

  • Bed


    One bed with sheets for the weekend

  • Mattress


    Single Mattress only (not a bed, no sheets)

    $20.00 ea.

  • Tent


    Two person tent

    $10.00 ea.

In preparation and excitement about our coming together group, please share about yourself

To help this unfamiliar group squeeze trough the portal of familiarity and step forward with some understanding... we have Agreements!

1) SA is a communal singing gathering; it is not an opportunity to give performances, nor to create an audience.

2) The singing voice is the primary focus. All musical instruments are in service to the voice.

3) It is understood that the passage of songs from one tradition, lineage, or culture, to another involves the need for permission. Unless otherwise stated by the originator of a song, or made explicit by a tradition, this permission is considered to be implicitly granted by those, native to that culture, who share and teach songs. That is, we would not know these songs if they were not taught to us.

4) With the caveat of permission recognized, this event offers a safe space for anyone to sing any song from any spiritual tradition they are moved to connect with. To honor this soul call, we acknowledge that such appreciative engagements with songs are primarily matters between the person and the spiritual agencies that call them.

5) We agree to honor the working premise of this event, that there is no ultimate ‘right’ way to sing a song. Outside of helping a song sharer to remember a melody or lyric, or with pronunciation and translation, one cannot ‘correct’ a song that is presented at our event, one can only, respectfully, offer another version(s) of that song.
1) Loud instrumentation and voice expressions soften and cease after 12 midnight. Minimize talking close to camping areas after 10 pm. There will be quiet hours from 5 7 am; please speak in whispers, or not at all, during this time

2) For informational and artistic purposes, elements of this event maybe recorded, video-taped, or photographed. All attendees agree to this. Likewise, all people doing recordings are asked to act respectfully, and with no sense of entitlement, as such privileges can be taken away.

3) Expressions of nudity are not equated with a loosening of sexual boundaries. Be conscious with regards to consent. Please help people feel safe with their personal boundaries.

4) This event is NOT a place to use profanity and engage in abusive language.

5) For those who wish to smoke (anything), please do so ONLY in the smoking area ~ not the community commons, personal camping areas, or river.

6) No pets please, this is a working farm.

7) Please wash your hands before eating.

8) This is a trash-free event. Pack it in pack it out.


Our Ceremony of deep remembering and healing begins now!

Almost done. Where should we send the confirmation?

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